Cort├Ęge Etiquette

When you're in or following a funeral procession

Please find listed below a few useful tips:

If you have any special instructions regarding the funeral route please advise the funeral office

Details of the expected funeral route can be provided by the funeral office, prior to the funeral

The Funeral Director will endeavour to keep the funeral cortège together at all times

Turn on your vehicle headlights to indicate to other road users that you are following the funeral procession

Keep close to the vehicle in front but at a safe distance to allow adequate braking distance.

If you see a funeral procession

With more traffic on the road today and people leading busier lifestyles, research shows that
funeral processions are increasingly falling victim to aggressive overtaking, rude hand gestures,
and occasionally verbal abuse and threatening behaviour from impatient drivers.

Just like other road users, funeral vehicles in procession must obey all the usual traffic rules.

Please find listed below a few useful tips:

Slow down
Don't cut into the funeral procession as this act is disrespectful and dangerous
Keep your distance and allow adequate braking distance
Don't sound your horn
Turn down your music
Give right of way to the funeral cortège
Mourners will greatly appreciate the respect and courtesy you show the deceased and funeral procession.