Limited Service Funeral

This service provides for:

            Provision of 24-hour assistance and support service 
            All arrangements in connection with the funeral 
            Assistance and advice in matters relating to the funeral 
            Attendance and Services of Staff 
            Attending to all documentation 
            Liaison with all necessary third parties 
            Bringing the deceased into our care
               (within 20 mile radius) 
            Care of the deceased  
            Provision of motor hearse for the funeral, direct to a local Cemetery or Crematorium 
            Funeral Director and attendants

            Lamboard Oak veneer effect coffin fitted with 2 pair's fleur self-colour handles.   



This service specifically excludes:

Provision of a Limousine
Cortège from Private address
Disbursement Fees and Other Service Charges.


Terms & Conditions:  No part of this service can be upgraded or added to.