Order of Service Photograph Guidelines


As more Order of Services for funerals are requiring photographs, our printer has issued the following useful guidelines to help you achieve the highest possible photographic results.

The clearer the information provided at the start, the faster the Order of Service will be completed and less time will be spent making changes and amendments to the image.

Colour can be a problem, for example, the professional printer is calibrated daily to produce the correct colours based on the information in the electronic file (a generic term for the act of transmitting files / photographs over a computer network or the internet). However, most normal business and private printers are not correctly calibrated and so may well print out incorrect colours.

When scanning the image:

  •  Please ensure that it is scanned at a minimum of 300 dpi (dots per inch) a picture which looks good on the screen may only be 72 dpi and when printed will look very grainy
  • If we have to expand part of the picture to fit the order of service, then the quality will reduce
  • As an example, if the area of the picture you wish us to use is 25mm wide but you want us to print it 50mm wide then this will reduce the dpi by 50%, so the quality will reduce, this can be compensated for by increasing the dpi when scanning
  • If the original picture is out of focus, not clear or fuzzy, that is how it will print out
  • If you are downloading an image from the internet, it is unlikely to be of a high enough dpi to print out clearly.

Providing us with information:

  • If you only want us to use a part of the picture please explain which part, but please do not crop the picture
  • What shape do you want, i.e. square, oval, rectangular, etc.?
  • What size do you want?
  • Where do you want it positioned?
  • Do you want a border; if so what type, single or double line and what colour?
  • If you want the background around the deceased to be removed or faded out please let us know
  • If the deceased is part of a group photo and you wish us to remove the other people, ensure that parts of the deceased are not obscured by other people or objects, as filling in the lost parts can sometimes be obvious.

We hope this has been useful, but if you require any more information or clarification please do not hesitate to Contact us.