What is embalming?

Embalming is a process which slows down the natural biological processes.

Main objectives for embalming

The three main objectives for embalming are:

To restore a more peaceful appearance

To delay the process of nature

To minimise the possibility of infection to family, Funeral Director and general public.

Respecting your wishes

We offer and recommend the procedure if you wish to visit your loved one in the Chapel of Rest. 

The procedure is not compulsory and if for your own reasons you do not wish for embalming to be carried out, we will respect your wishes and discuss alternative arrangements with you.

Some religions, notably, Jehovah, Judaism and Islam do not allow embalming and in these cases, we will discuss alternative arrangements with the family.

If you have any questions or concerns about the embalming procedure please do not hesitate to discuss these with
the funeral arranger.

Alternatively you may contact our MBIE qualified Embalmer, Mr Karl Partridge, on 020 8550 4047.


MBIE stands for member of The British Institute of Embalmers .

More information about The British Institute of Embalmers can be found on their websites - http://www.bioe.co.uk/