In Memory Pages

'In Memory' Pages is an optional service that H L Hawes & Son Ltd offers to families.

We create a personal ‘In Memory' profile and publish it via our ‘In Memory' Page on our website -

Upon completion of the funeral arrangements, the 'In Memory' Profile will go live for a period of approximately six weeks.

Cash or cheque (made payable to the Charity) donations can be made with the office carrying out the funeral arrangements or alternatively, at any of our funeral offices.

Collecting and Administrating Charity Donations

H L Hawes & Son Ltd make no charge for collecting donations, so 100% of what is collected will go to your chosen charity or charities.

Closing of the Donation Account(s)

After a period of approximately 6 weeks from making the funeral arrangements, H L Hawes & Son Ltd will close the donation account(s). A list of donors and the total amount collected for your chosen charity or charities will be sent upon closure of the donation account(s).

The service offers the following benefits

  • It is a place where you can publish an online biography or life history of unlimited length, and share memories and photographs with family and friends. (This is only available on Option 2).
  • It acts as an information point for details about the funeral service, including date, time and location
  • It enables family and friends to donate quickly at any time in memory of your loved one and allows them to keep track of donations with a live running total on the donations page
  • It encourages donors to leave you a condolence message – and research shows that over 90% of them do
  • It greatly increases the chance of a donor adding Gift Aid which boosts each donation by 25%

‘In Memory’ Page – No Administration Charge

An ‘In Memory’ Page will be set up in the name of a loved-one.

In addition, we can add an obituary, life history and up to five photographs to the profile. 

Photographs can be emailed to

The profile page is accessible to the public, via:

A live up-to-date total of donations raised is only published on the 'In Memory' Profile at the discretion of the family.

What we need from you to set up an ‘In Memory’ Page

  • Please advise a member of our team who in turn will provide your details to our 'In Memory' Pages administrator.